Florida Cracker Kitchen FAQs & People Also Ask Answers

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We’ve collected some of the most common questions about Florida Cracker Kitchen and answered them here for all to see. If your only real question is “Where is the nearest Florida Cracker Kitchen restaurant to me?” then you just need to pop on over to our locations page and find directions to one of our 6 restaurants in Florida! We can’t wait to see you!

Who owns Florida Cracker Kitchen?

Brothers Blair and Ethan Hensley own and operate several Florida Cracker Kitchen locations across the state. From their humble beginnings in Brooksville, FL, the brothers would co-open their first Florida Cracker Kitchen location in the quaint Brooksville downtown area in 2012. The homey and flavorful Old Florida style cooking was an immediate hit and we continue to add new locations across the state.

How many Florida Cracker Kitchen restaurants are there?

There are now six different locations across Florida including the original in Brooksville, Dade City, Homosassa, Jacksonville on the Intracoastal West, Keystone, and Jacksonville in San Marco.

Is Florida Cracker Kitchen dog friendly?

Definitely, our Florida Cracker Kitchen locations have ample outdoor seating options— providing a perfect spot to enjoy the one-of-a-kind laidback Southern vibe we have right alongside your well-behaved furry best friends.

Does Florida Cracker Kitchen serve alcohol?

We most certainly do! A full tap room awaits you at Florida Cracker Kitchen in Brooksville—because we know Southern classics go great with your favorite concoction. We have a full line-up of local craft beers on tap and all-original cocktails and mocktails available. We also stock an impressive whiskey and bourbon selection to make sure even our most discerning patrons are well taken care of. 

What is Florida Cracker cuisine?

Florida cracker cooking is all about paying respect to the lush natural beauty and abundant natural resources that we have all around us here in Florida. The original Florida cracker cowboys and their families carved out a beautiful existence in an unforgiving location and relied on the resources around them in order to survive. Simple recipes made with bursts of regional Florida spices is the inspiration behind the all-original classics we serve. From our World Famous 10,000 Island Shrimp and Grits to Cowboy Burritos that are so big they’re bursting at the seams, the Florida Cracker cuisine we serve is a reflection of the Old Florida heritage we cherish. 

Can a gluten free person get a good meal at Florida Cracker Kitchen?

Absolutely! We are able to accommodate a wide range of different dietary needs and restrictions, including gluten free options. Even sans gluten, the Southern deliciousness that only comes from cooking with love still permeates every dish that comes out of our kitchen. You’ll find you never missed the gluten in the taste bud-bursting choices you have from our gluten-free menu.

Is Florida Cracker Kitchen good for brunch?

Florida Cracker Kitchen was made for brunch! We embody a laid-back style that lets you enjoy your favorite breakfast or lunch items anytime you want. Florida Cracker Kitchen is the perfect location to take out-of-town guests for that undeniable taste of Old Florida. No matter what location you choose to go to, you’ll find the same funky Florida Cracker vibe of new and old where you can get fresh twists on Southern classics. Our taprooms even serve up a variety of special brunch cocktails to make your next brunch visit memorable and enjoyable. 

What’s on the menu at Florida Cracker Kitchen?

Florida Cracker Kitchen is steeped in the “Old Florida” style which means plenty of down-home cooking staples and large portions so you never leave hungry. We have breakfast classics like omelettes, scrambles, and breakfast platters right alongside lunch specials like shrimp and grits, po’boys, and a variety of burgers, salads, and sandwiches. You’ll also find a full line-up of sauces and gifts located in the Florida Cracker trade store, as well as a large tap list in our tap room.

What time does Florida Cracker Kitchen open?

Our hours of operation vary depending on which Florida Cracker Kitchen location you are visiting. For example, our two Jacksonville locations are open for brunch and lunch Tuesday through Sunday from 7am to 2:30pm. Some locations offer additional amenities like the Florida Cracker resort in Homosassa, which affects the hours. As well, the tap room and trade store hours may vary from the kitchen depending on the location. Make sure to check in with your local Florida Cracker for the most up-to-date hours of operation. 

Does Florida Cracker Kitchen have outdoor seating?

Many of our locations do offer outdoor seating for guests to kick back and enjoy the natural Florida beauty while chowing down on the all-Florida original recipes we serve. Enjoy a brew from the taproom and the beautiful view in our outdoor areas on your next visit to your nearest Florida Cracker Kitchen.

What’s a signature dish at Florida Cracker Kitchen?

We have so many unique twists on Southern classics that are just bursting with flavor and homey goodness, it’s really hard to pick our favorites. But a few of our most popular signature dishes include our World Famous 10,000 Island Shrimp and Grits, our giant cinnamon rolls, and our homemade corned beef hash and eggs breakfast. Rest assured, no matter what you order, we’ll make sure you’re happy and satisfied when you leave.

What is the history behind the term “Florida Cracker”?

Florida crackers were colonial-era British and American pioneer settlers in what is currently Florida. The first crackers arrived in 1763 after Spain traded Florida to Great Britain following the latter’s victory over France in the Seven Years’ War, though much of traditional Florida cracker folk culture dates to the 19th century.

Florida Crackers were some of the first settlers to try and tame the unforgiving Florida frontier. Driving cattle through the swamps and wide grasslands of Florida, these tough-as-nails cowboys and cowgirls are thought to have been called “crackers” for their distinctive cattle whips. Florida’s “cracker cooking” dates back to some of the same cooking methods passed down through the generations. A few of our signature original recipes that we’ve curated and perfected to taste just like they came out of our grandma’s kitchen include fried chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and some of the best homemade corned beef and hash this side of the Mississippi.